Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Some Significant Tips for Websites to Rank on Page 1

For everyone who is working online, the significant thing is to rank on page 1 for their targeted keywords. Many websites grabbed by scammers to get on page 1. Scammers asked you some money and in return, they will assure you that your website will get rank on page 1. Sadly, this is not true, this is an outbreak scam of the internet in the present time.

Ranking on Page 1 Does Matter
You cannot deny the importance of organic traffic and ranking of your website. Although, ranking is significant for your website to be on the top genuine measurements of SEO is also very important. You need traffic on your website which has purchase intent, this is more significant to grow and make a profit.  You can gain a top position in the Google ranking but the impact of your sales and conversion is more important to give your website a good position in the search result. But if you or your CEO only want top ranking they can get it from internal links, external links, social media links, off- page SEO.

How to get a position on the 1st page of a search?
As I told you above there is much more to get a top position in Google search apart from just increasing traffic. You need to focus on your website services, apps, and strategies. You can be on the first page of search result sooner or later. It depends on the niche you choose. The niche of your business will decide the time of getting a top position in Google search. Like what you are selling? A household website, a shopping site, property dealing site, or whatever your niche is. Or you are a new company or an existing one. The keywords you are using in your site, how they are impactful and competitive.

Getting a rank on page 1 is not easy for the completive industries. For example, a person has a new health insurance company and he wants to be on the first page of ranking. Honestly speaking, it will take years for him to get high ranking as it is the super competitive industry. No matter how strong his keyword or content is. But a person with a startup having unique niche can grow fast and get the first-page ranking within a year. Apart from the fact of a new domain, zero links, no popularity, no end user signals, etc.  The best and successful health insurance companies have great content and powerful links. That is why they are on page 1. If you want to acquire a health insurance company, you can buy one or you need very vigorous content and links to get a position on page 1. The domain is also an important element for ranking high. As a new company, you should buy a domain from a known and powerful house.

For existing companies, I have a suggestion to get a better position on page 1. They need more useful and impactful content. The content is key to retain your readers on your website. Through your impressive content, you can call more organic traffic. These visitors can bring you on page 1 or in top 20 searches. You can grow more as an existing or small company if you focus on the importance of high-quality links, content, SMM, and some other SEO elements.

The difficulty in ranking on page 1 is for companies like Evans Bank (small business credit cards). As they have only 3 referring domains and 43 DR. it is difficult for them because they are not famous ad they have lack of links and content.

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