Tuesday, 2 July 2019

3 Ways of Link Building and Get Most Response of it

The people who have websites and contents might know about the link building. Imagine, one day you got to know that the way you know the prospects of link building is a lie. What would be your reaction? It is true somewhere. The way we know the targets of link building is too far from reality.

A recent study by an expert of SEO has revealed that there is only 8.5% chance of response to your outreach e-mails. To understand it in a better way, let’s dive into some calculations.

Let’s suppose you send 500 e-mails and get around about 42 responses. Not a bad response, I guess. So, for 42 responses, you will get almost 23 links, which is a good rate of response. The success rate for 23 links will be 5%. This 5% rate will change your site traffic dramatically. Well, it also depends on your industry. The highest ranked pages or websites for a link building have over 900 referring domains. You can get these 900 referring links by sending almost 1800 e-mails. But there are alternative ways of sending e-mails for link building.

Link Prospecting Approaches:

Relevance is the most important element for link prospecting approaches. Tossing your topics of the website through blogs and articles is always a good idea. But there is a problem with the link building of any diverse niche and client. You may bang into a difficult situation for any other niche. Relevancy and link building always have a special role in SEO. But link building is all changed into relationship building. So, it is more significant now as compared to before link building process.  You should not link your websites with every second site. Until you are a known and a big company. The trust factor is an important part of business relations. Do not link your site to any stranger’s website. This might be called a broken link building which is bad for your website.

Three Ways of Link Building

1. Link Building through Subscribers and Clients:
We usually have a list of our clients and subscribers. We have a check on them, whether they are running any blog or not. We can build links with the collaboration of these subscribers. But there would few subscribers who allow you to build links. To build links with your subscribers’ sites, you should use Ahrefs Batch Analysis Tool, with the help of this tool you can analyze at least two hundred websites. This tool can analyze domain rating, no of referring domains, natural traffic, and other metrics of the domains for you. It will not analyze the potential of blogs and content pages, but it will analyze for the absence or presence of organic traffic, which is the best thing for link building.

2. Convert Social Media Marketing Followers into Link Builders:
We find followers from some social media marketing accounts. To spread out your blogs and content, Twitter or LinkedIn followers will be a great plus for you, if you are in B2B niche. Social media is here a great tool for link building and ranking high. You can use Follower Wonk Tool to transfer your Twitter or LinkedIn followers. For building links, Facebook is another diamond tool for you. You have likes on your Facebook pages. You can even make Facebook groups and can have an eye on every group member. Build links of your websites through Facebook group members. The easiest way I guess.

3. Link Building with Your Already Related Clients:
You can build your links with the clients you have already. You can use any link building analyzing tool like Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, SEMrush. You can get the benefit from the guest bloggers which are connected to your clients.

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